Greetings! My name is Thomas C. Kolakowski and this is my little corner of the Internet. I'd like to spend a few moments telling a little bit about myself. Personally, I doubt very many visitors of my site will care about who I am... but since I have 25 MB of site space... why not!?!

About my Nick Name

The first thing I guess people wonder about me is "Why the name TomKo?", well that is what most people I know have called me since my drunken days at Fordham University in da Bronx. During one of many happy "Happy Hours" I was dubbed will my now famous Nom de Plume. One reason for the name is that it is much easier to remember than Kolakowski.... the other reason is that most of my college drinking buddies thought they would all come work for me at TomKo Inc....

About my Job

Commonwealth Business Media - JOC Group

Starting in November 2005 I joined Commonwealth Business Media in Newark, NJ as a Financial Accountant. Our company is a provider of Port Trade Data as well as The Journal of Commerce. We also hold a number of Shipping and Aviation related Conferences. In 2014 we were sold to IHS based in Colorado. Looking for work right now.

The Beer & Tavern Chronicle

The Beer and Tavern Chronicle has sadly passed on as the homebrewing fad died. I spent 2 years writing articles for B&TC.

In the other pages I have reprinted some of the articles I have written for the B&TC. I started writing for the B&TC after writing for CSI's Student Newspaper "The Banner".

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