Favorite Beers
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TomKo's Favorite Beers

  1. McEwan's Scotch Ale: I like my beer strong and sweet! McEwan's is a beer after my own heart! At 8% Alcohol by Volume it kicks it up a notch or two... and has the flavor and style that brings you back for more! 
  2. Spaten's Optimator: This is has become my second  personal favorite. Optimator is a Munich Dopple-Bock, a brew that is sweet and high in alcohol. Like most German Dopple-Bocks, Optimator has no hop bitterness or hop aroma. The beer has a rich red-brown color and a very light head. It's a great beer, but don't overindulge... it packs a bit of a wollop!
  3. Schneider Weisse: Possibly the best Weiss beer made, it has only been widely available in the United States for a short while. Schneider Weisse is a Wheat Ale. It should NEVER be served with a slice of Lemon... This beer is just too tasty to be tainted by Lemon. This beer more resembles a British Ale in color than the lightly hued weisse beers most people have tried (like Franziskaner). The flavor has a strong spiciness, as well has some fruitiness.
  4. New York Harbor Porter: This is one of the best Porters on the market. The rich coffee-like flavor is light and refreshing. Far too many Porters have a burnt aftertaste which really ruins the drinking experience. That lack of an aftertaste makes NYHP a world class beer! I have given NYHP to many non-beer drinkers and they were instantly converted.
  5. Blue Moon Raspberry Cream Ale: The name perfectly describes this tasty brew. Fruit ales (or Lambics) are amongst the tastiest (and most expensive) beers available. A single bottle of a good Lambic, like a Boon Kreik or Leifmann's Framboise can often cost as much as a six-pack of regular beer. Blue Moon is no more expensive than you average Microbrewed beer. It's quite a bargain!
  6. Fuller's ESB: This is a premiere Bitter Ale. Unlike many ESB's[Extra Special Bitter], Fullers is a highly bitter brew. When you compare it to other beers that call themselves ESB's Fullers is in a class by itself. All too often brewers think that an ESB should not be bitter... well what's so special about that? Fuller's is often available in "cask-conditioned" kegs.


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